THEN & NOW: Rock Music Most Memorable Moments

THEN & NOW: Rock Music Most Memorable Moments

Style: Expository

Format: Hour-Length Feature


Using a showcase of archival vs. modern interviews with celebrated musicians, Then & Now aims to re-live some of the greatest moments in music history.

Imagine exploring the minds of eccentric artists like Ozzie Osborne, Jim Morrison, or Marilyn Manson. This compare-and-contrast reflective interview technique offers music lovers nostalgia and insight about their favourite musicians at critical staages throughout their careers

A blend of vintage concert footage and archival interviews will set the tone for fresh commentary as we sit down with the Artists themselves to reflect on how theses memorable moments affected their own lives.

ARTISTIC VISION: Our Unique Offering

Musicology is the basis of every subject we approach. We understand the importance of catering to the masses which ranges from music fans, aficionados and critics alike. Our content is a hybrid of education, entertainment and univeresal themes which resonate with the masses.

Finding common ground between the merging of eras and genres is our approach to reaching a wider network. This expanding demographic of music fans creates new distribution opportunities for artists to tap into a new customer base and revive vintage music catalogs.