VINYL REVIVAL: The Second Spin

VINYL REVIVAL: The Second Spin

Style: Observational

Format: Series


Music Buffs collaborate with record labels to revive forgotten artists. Oscar-Winning Music documentary Searching For SugarMan inspired music lovers to ponder over how many other amazing artists may have somehow slipped through the cracks of time, and lost their big chance at superstardom.

Enter our music buffs with a little nudge from the electronic age and the determination to re-write History; Enter the Vinyl Revival.

Our music experts take to the streets, combing the aisles of vinyl record shops, to satisfy their unsatiatable appetite for resurrecting lost talent. Leaving no stone unturned, they scout for talented artists, who for some reason or another never got the fame and recognition they deserved.

By enlisting guidance from an expert roster of Music Producers, Audio Engineers, radio station and nightclub DJ’s, Vinyl Revival take it’s audience on a journey, spinning vintage music into new hits, making them relevant to a younger generation.

ARTISTIC VISION: Our Unique Offering

In the modern age of dance music and remix culture, resampling vintage music can be very lucrative for musicians and record labels. Having a program of this nature grants access to record label catalogs and artists with a mandate to monetize stale assets. The series also creates an opportunity for the musician to re-invigorate record sales or introduce new music to an existing or diminishing fan base, through partnerships with contemporary streaming platforms like Shazam, Spotify and Google Play Music.

By paying homage to special contributions made by Vintage artists, this series also educates fans and music industry hopefuls about what it takes to create a hit song in the contemporary age of music.