MUSE: Chasing Inspiration

MUSE: Chasing Inspiration

Style: Observational

Format: Music Documentary Mini-Series


Meet Eric Mercury. A charasmatic singer-songwriter, who carries a certain swagger reminicent of musicians who can say they once hit the big time. Rightfully so, Mercury has released multiple solo albums under major record labels and collaborated with a revolving door of music legends. Yet, he remains a peripheral character on the music scene, with not much else left but a facinating story to tell.

With three progressive decades and one hiatus under his belt, Eric Mercury, now 73, is planning a comeback; A new album. Quite possibly, his last. To prepare, the soulful singer warms up with a series of live performances at a blues club in his hometown.

In between his live sets, Eric shares anecdotes and colorful stories about his past. These trips down memory lane take us all the way back to Eric’s roots in Gospel music.

Further along, we discover rare stories about a long list of famous musicians he collaborated with during the peak of his career, who inspired Mercury and so many others, in unspeakable ways.

Muse is series of heartfelt stories about how great artists chase and find their inspiration.

ARTISTIC VISION: Our Unique Offering

Our Principal Photography includes an exclusive interview with Eric Mercury in his element: A live Blues club.

This location set the perfect atmospheric tone for the narrative. It also delivers an intimate and entertaining live performances, to it’s audience.

Our choice for observational, cinema verite-style of shooting will induce a visceral experience for music lovers, as though they had a front row seat.