BETWEEN THE LINES: Confessions Of A Rock Star

BETWEEN THE LINES: Confessions Of A Rock Star

Style: Observational

Format: Music Series Talk Show/Live Performance


A musicology series which uncover the secrets behind some of the greatest acts in music history. What if we could finally decode the cryptic lyrics to epic songs like Stairway To Heaven or Bohemian Rhapsody? Imagine being inside the mind of Alanis Morissette as she walks you through her creative process and inspiration behind albums like, Jagged Little Pill. Between The Lines is a show that grants music lovers an all-access pass to a place where all their questions about their favourite artists are answered.

Celebrated musician and host Rick Wakeman curates the conversation between friends, which unfold like a true meeting of creative minds. Nothing is off-limits for Wakeman and his mates as they offer insights about music history, methodology, evolution, collaboration and creative process. The result is highly entertaining, intelligent and audacious banter that an audience of their music fans will adore. Comparable to the documentary, This Might Get Loud, Between The Lines also features spontaneous live performances with random guests, resulting in unusual collaborations between artists who wouldn’t typically share the stage.

ARTISTIC VISION: Our Unique Offering

A Cinema-Vertie style Talk Show provides collaboration opportunities for both the artist and the fan. Fans have the opportunity to submit questions and participate in the interview process.

In addition to delivering compelling, intimate high-quality interviews, the live performance segment would be filmed in cutting-edge 360 VR technology. This interactive component will be utilized as a cross-platform, value-add feature which broadens our audience base as well as bring the ultimate concert experience to music lovers right in their own living rooms.

This experimental approach to documentary filmmaking also creates opportunities for financing and demonstrates that we are at the forefront of content innovation.