GENEALOGY: The Tone Deaf Guide to Music

GENEALOGY: The Tone Deaf Guide to Music

Style: Expository

Format: Hour-Length Feature or Mini Series


A brief education about the origin of music genres.

How did Ska evolve into Reggae? And Jazz into Rhythm and Blues? Genealogy is a music series which maps the origin of sub-genres and references all the factors which contributed it it’s evolution.

A lesson on the roots of Reggae would include its cultural origins as a derivative of Ska and RockSteady, until it was discovered in Jamaica in the 1960’s, pioneered by the Legendary Bob Marley and filtered through 80’s bands like The Police. The conversation would lead us to present day where subgenres like dub-step as the modern-day descendant of Reggae.

ARTISTIC VISION: Our Unique Offering

Mapping the chronology and the connection between two seemingly dissimilar music styles unites several generations of music lovers and creates opportunities for artists to reach an otherwise untapped fan base.

This informative and educational program also will be energized by music video excerpts featuring the most iconic songs that pioneered the genres discussed. It will also provide an opportunity for new artists to gain visibility and credibility as descendents of evolved genre styles.